Maryline Pinton, freelance English-French-Spanish translator

If you are an individual, an agency, an SME, a multinational or an institution, and you need translations into French, this website is for you. You will find more information on:

– my profile: my studies, my specialisations;
– the services I offer: translation, proofreading, editing, transcription, liaison interpreting, and project management;
– my references, and more.

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Before going into details, here is an important reminder. For some people it is clear, but in daily life the words “translation” and “interpreting” are often mixed up. To summarize, translation is written whereas interpreting is verbal, but both deal with the same reality, i.e. converting a message from one language to another. In other words, a translator writes whereas an interpreter speaks.

My services

I am a freelance English/Spanish to French translator based in Brittany, France. I graduated from ISIT (Higher Institute of Interpreting and Translation in Paris). I specialise in the following areas:


Translate. Yes, but what? Into which language(s)? How, and using which method? Discover what makes a translator’s work –and particularly mine - professional.


Proofreading, checking, editing. You might think that all these terms are synonymous, but in fact they relate to different services depending on whether it is the source document, the target text, the style or simply the layout that is under consideration.


Find out the differences between simultaneous, consecutive, ad-hoc and whispering interpretation, and which services I offer.


Project management means handling a large project. “Large”, because it implies various documents, languages, services, subcontractors… I can be the missing link(s) in your organisation, to offer you a complete service on demand, from A to Z.

Some examples…

  • L’anthropologie comme éducation // Traduction anglais > français
  • Superfood : La bible // Traduction anglais > français
    Superfood Marabout Hachette
  • Salades gourmandes // Traduction anglais > français
    Salades gourmandes Hachette Marabout
  • Vegan super facile // Traduction anglais > français
    vegan super facile
  • Veggie super facile // Traduction anglais > français
    veggie super facile
  • Communiqués de presse, articles blog // Traduction anglais > français
    sample convince